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At Bradley Park Hazardous Waste Landfill we offer a comprehensive landfill service from initial analysis through to compliance testing, inspection and disposal.

We operate under permit EPR/LP3434HA, which is regulated by the Environment Agency, incorporating an extensive list of hazardous waste which can be landfilled: contaminated soils; filtercakes; cement & fibrous asbestos; drummed hazardous waste; bulk hazardous waste and residues from recovery operations.

In order to meet the strict rules governing the disposal of hazardous waste, all materials needs to meet waste acceptance criteria (WAC).

We are able to offer expert guidance on the suitability of your waste for hazardous landfill. Prior to any loads of hazardous waste being accepted, our technical department has to approve its suitability for disposal in order to ensure full compliance. Extensive monitoring continues to be carried out throughout the entire landfilling process.

Bradley Park is operated under stringent controls to minimise the impact the operation has on the local environment.

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